Kauai is considered to be one of the oldest islands in the Hawaiian chain as well as being one of the smallest. Encompassing only five hundred fifty square miles, this island is best known as being discovered by the incomparable Captain James Cook in the late seventeen hundreds. There is a matter of debate as some believe the island to have been inhabited as early as five fifty BC, but the information on these settlers is sketchy at best. All in all there is much to know and learn when you visit Kauai.

The island itself is often referred to as the “Garden Isle” because of the large and lush vegetation that dominates the landscape. The popular South Shore is the largest tourist area to be found on the island and this is where most people will land when they visit. Unlike the other islands, Kauai is not large in population, due to the limited amount of permanent housing to be found on the island itself. There are many who commute from Kauai to the other islands in search of work as well as considering the main source of income is tourism. On the larger islands, such as the Big Island of Hawaii, there are many more choices for permanent housing for locals.

Water Sports
Much like the rest of Hawaii, Kauai is known for it’s water sports and activities. The surfing is known to be the best in the entire world. The waves are constant and large, offering some serious cutting nearly everyday. The snorkeling is wonderful on the North and South Shores and you can enjoy the day while being taught the most appropriate way to snorkel from one of the many skilled teachers.If diving is more your thing, then take part in the diving classes and then set out to explore some ship wrecks. There are many famous vessels resting on the bottom of the ocean nearby that are ripe for the picking! During the week, you can take part in treasure hunting expeditions as well, which take you to remote locations in search of sunken treasure.Swimmers are asked to be very careful and restrict their swimming to areas with lifeguards. The waves in the area may be wonderful for the surfers, but they may be very dangerous to the swimmer due to the undertow and other problems. So, stick to the areas that are designated for swimming, and you’ll be sure to have a great time!

Island Diversity
Kauai was discovered, supposedly, by Captain James Cook in the 1700’s while he sailed around the area. There are many people who have immigrated to the island over the years, giving the area a very diverse population. Many people are now looking to build new lives in the area and the housing industry is starting to boom where it was once failing. But, natives to Hawaii and to Kauai will always be happy to share some of their island’s history with you, and point out some of the great tourist places to visit.

There is more than enough to keep just about everyone busy on this wonderful tropical island. Besides the water activities, there are other great things to do for those who are more land lover than water dog. There are some great museums to be found, including one specifically designed for children to teach them about the history of the island chain. Other ideas would be the scooter tours of natural history. On this attraction, each person in the group is issued a gas powered scooter and the guide leads the group around the island to many places in the area of interest. You may also be interested in a helicopter tour, which will take you around the entire island, giving you the most beautiful bird’s eye view of this lush, tropical paradise. For the more active participant, there is the award-winning fishing, either by boat or by land. You are sure to catch something to impress anyone that you tell!

The Sacred Sites and Scenery Of Kauai

The Sacred Sites and Scenery Of Kauai

Located only a 20 minute air trip from Honolulu, Kauai sits majestically in the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Island, formed approximately 6 million years ago, encompasses 550 square miles and is the northernmost and oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is broken up into five different regions: The Coconut Coast, The North Shore, The South Shore, The West Side, and In Lihue/Kalapaki. Kauai has a rich natural island heritage, which is yours to explore.
Kauai abounds with sacred sites (called Heiau). On the Coconut Coast, Holo-holo-ku (run run stand fast) Heiau was replaced by a cemetery in [...]