Lanai is the smallest of all Hawaiian islands but easily the most delicious. It is no mistake that Lanai is known as the Pineapple Isle because it is a large producer of some of the finest pineapples in the world. Thought to be the second oldest of the entire chain, Lanai is an island paradise that is still largely untouched by industry. Thanks to the many laws that govern the area, the people there are very content with their chosen way of life. Many thought that the joining with the US would change the way this island was governed but little has changed over the years.

Many people call Lanai home even though it is so small. This is due to the undying beauty of the land and the wonderful climate. The temperature rarely drops below sixty and the winds from the ocean make it a wonderfully inviting place to live. The main downfall would be the hurricane season that threatens everything. Many of the residents have now subscribed to the new hurricane proof housing that can withstand gale force winds of two hundred miles per hour or more.

The other somewhat constant threat would be the volcano. Under the Big Island lays a very active volcano that is said to be responsible for the forming of the islands millions of years ago. The islands themselves also contain both dormant and active volcanoes that many people fear but many are not worried in the slightest.

Water Sports
Like much of this island chain Lanai is a primary water sport area. Surfing is excellent to say the least and the waves keep coming day after day. Many of the residents like to surf at night, bringing about a new extreme level to the sport. The main danger there is the fact that sharks tend to hunt the shallows more at night than ever. This is not a big problem as there are very few shark attacks in the area anyway.

Fishing is a big deal in Lanai. Deep sea fishing guides thrive on this island and charge a one time flat fee for the entire day of fishing. Some of the finest fishing can be found on the reefs around the island as people can spend the entire day out on the boat.

There is also some superior diving to be had around Lanai. Several shipwrecks rest on the ocean floor nearby and provide wonderful diving experiences. For those that are not skilled in diving you can take the one day course to learn the basics and get started right away.

Island Diversity
It is said that this island was first populated by the people from neighboring countries that were fleeing persecution in one form or another. Many people believe that this area was also founded by Columbus himself during one of his many voyages but this has never been proven beyond a doubt. While here on your visit, you can ask any of the natives to Lanai about their history as they are always happy to visit or to point you to the right spots on the island to find out all about their history and culture.

Many people come to Lanai just to tour the pineapple plant. This is an amazing tour as you can watch the pineapple being processed and then canned and enjoy many free samples of the products. Under the more common traits, the island is home to some wonderful natural and human history and guided tours run on a regular basis. The religion of the land in days past is very evident and one can spend hours touring the many temples and other religious sites.

Sacred Sites of Lanai

Sacred Sites of Lanai

The island of Lanai is home to many sacred and historical sites, which the natives treat with respect and care. The Kaunolu Archaeological Interpretive Park is a traditional fishing village where daily life revolved around the preparation of food from the sea. The site consists of numerous gravesites, stone shelters and house platforms. There is also a heiau (temple) and a koa (fishing shrine), as well as Kahekili’s Leap where Hawaiians practiced lele kawa (cliff jumping). This is a national landmark.
The Luahiwa-Rain Heiau Petroglyph Preserve is a place where the ancient Hawaiians left their picture albums. The ancient Hawaiian people [...]