Oahu, or O’ahu in Hawaiian, is the third largest island in Hawaii and holds the major city of Honolulu and some other great historical sites such as Pearl Harbor. With it’s two volcanoes, large mountains, beautiful rainforests, and wonderfully relaxing beaches, Oahu is the place to visit and relax. You can find a multitude of things to keep you busy here, or you can just let it all go and relax on any of the wonderful beaches here.

Water Sports
Since Oahu is one of the major islands in Hawaii, there are so many water sports to enjoy here. You can swim along the shores or dive the crystal waters in search of marine life. Surfing is also a great passion among locals and visitors alike, and if you don’t know how, there are several shops that offer lessons for beginners. For the fishermen, there is a multitude of tour guides that can take you to some of the best deep sea fishing around and show you a great time. Or you can charter or rent a boat and try your own luck at finding the biggest fish. Canoeing and Kayaking are also great and fun sports to try out while here on Oahu. Or, you can just lay back on the beach and soak in some rays.

Island Diversity
Founded by a Polynesian navigator, the island of Oahu is one that is rich in history and tradition. The Polynesian culture still stands strong among the natives here and you are sure to enjoy every bit of it on your stay here. After becoming part of the United States, in the early stages of World War II, the island was home to a massive U.S. Navy base, Pearl Harbor, which was the sight of a surprise attack, dragging the US into the war. The island continues to be a major destination for those who are looking for the perfect tropical island getaway.

Due to the massive tourist industry, there is so much to do here that you might not have time to fit it all in your schedule! The shopping ranges from local markets to upscale boutiques and everything in between. You can also find all sorts of tours that range from touring the rain forests to the historical buildings and sites around the island. You can also visit some of the lava flows and see the lava rolling toward the ocean. Dining and dancing at some of the local restaurants and bars is also a favorite of locals and visitors alike, and you can always find a traditional Hawaiian show to attend while here as well.

Oahu For a Romantic Getaway

Oahu For a Romantic Getaway

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “romantic getaway”? It may be magnificent island beaches, excellent meals on a restaurant, luxurious hotels and many more. Oahu in Hawaii is complete with everything you need for a romantic getaway for you and your partner. The breathtaking scenery and diverse landscapes provide many options for romantic activities: you can hike to the waterfalls, walk on the beach during sunset, sampling the mouthwatering local cuisine accompanied by the sounds of a ukulele. This is the beauty of Oahu, perfect for couples to spend quality time together and enjoy countless activities.
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