Cancun was once an area greatly ignored and it lay in ruins. The island was once home to the Mayans but their fall left the island empty. In the early 1950’s the island held only two farmers who tended a coconut grove. The government officials of Mexico decided that the climate was right for a resort area and started development. This would take nearly twenty years. A causeway was built which linked the island to the mainland, which ended the island classification. Using the twenty seven million dollar loan they received from the United States, the Cancun island opened to rave reviews in the early 1970’s. An airport was installed what would serve direct flights to and from the island from all over the world.

Water Sports
As you can imagine, water sports are very big in Cancun. The entire area is revolved around the water. Surfing is huge on Cancun because of the wonderful waves that roll in day after day. There are those that spend entire summers on the island for no other reason then the surfing. This is coupled with the body boarding and the wind surfing which are also very popular. Swimming on one of the many beaches is second only to surfing in Cancun. Each of the resorts has its own private beach and there are more than enough public swimming sites for everyone to enjoy the water that is warm and inviting.

Island Diversity
The culture is based on the people from Mexico and the people from the United States that travel here all year round. The full time residents are mostly from Mexico and work in the tourist trade in one form or another. There are a fair share of American residents as well who have either entered business from the tourism point of view or retired. Today Cancun is one of the top destinations in the world for tropical vacations. The area is founded with warm temperatures and a cool breeze that make it mild and appealing to all. All and all there are places for over twenty four thousand people to stay on the island and many times throughout the season there is no space at the inn. One of the sad things is the areas location to the hurricane issues. Hurricane Wilma did unbelievable damage to the entire island and it took years for it to regain what it once had.

The activities on the Cancun island are massive. Each and every resort caters to the ever changing desires of the guests. There are boating tours that take one to the most exotic locales in the sea. Glass bottom boat tours make viewing the coral reefs a real treat. The center of the island houses an interactive aquarium that is a big hit with all who visit the area.

So Much To Do In Cancun

So Much To Do In Cancun

Perhaps the honeymoon capital of Mexico, Cancun is a paradise on the coast. With endless picturesque beaches, blue waters, and fantastic views, you will undoubtedly enjoy your time at any of the many resorts in Cancun. However, there is more to a Cancun trip than just beaches and daiquiris. To truly get as much as possible out of your trip, consider seeing a little more of Cancun. Some of the best activities away from the beach are the Cancun ecological parks.
If you want to get off the beach and still enjoy the outdoors, the ecological parks in the area present [...]