Playa del Carmen


Located in the Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen is part of Mexico and a beautiful island to visit. While not quite as commercial as some of the other Mexican Islands, such as Cozumel and Cancun, Playa del Carmen seeks to keep it’s small town charm to lure visitors who come for the beaches and shopping but long for a more laid back vacation than some of the other islands nearby offer visitors.

Water Sports
With some of the best scuba diving located all around the island, it is no wonder that people come from all over to dive around the islands of Mexico. From snorkeling to diving, you can always find a great place to see some wonderful reef and marine life. But, these aren’t the only water sports available here! Some other great water activities to do are: swimming, sailing, boat rentals, fishing, water skiing, jet skiing, and deep sea fishing.

Island Diversity
Although Playa del Carmen is a Mexican island, there is a large European and other world influence here as well. So, don’t be surprised if you find that the hotel owners or restaurant owners of your favorite place are from Italy, Canada, France, Spain, Argentina, or the United States. Because of their diverse population, there are many different cultures and traditions that are alive and well here on Playa del Carmen for you to enjoy while you stay.

Since Playa del Carmen began as a tourist destination, if the world famous diving isn’t for you, you can always visit their “Quinta Avenida” or Fifth Avenue, which the main town is centered around. Here you will find upscale shopping, spas, boutiques, bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels to tickle anyone’s fancy. But these aren’t the only things to do here, some other activities that you can enjoy are: historical tours, art galleries and museums, dining, and dancing.

Visit Fifth Avenue In Playa del Carmen

Visit Fifth Avenue In Playa del Carmen

Between the ecological parks, the beaches, and the water sports there are many attractions in Playa del Carmen. While all offer their own unique types of fun, there is one trip you just have to make while in Playa del Carmen. A trip to Fifth Avenue, or Quinta Avenida, is one you will not soon forget. With a variety of attractions that can easily fill a day, it is the perfect break from resort life.
Fifth Avenue is the main street to gather for a true Mexican atmosphere with a mix of both tourists and natives to the area. The street, [...]