Baja Islands


The area known as Baja has been in many hands and gone by many names. Though not really an island since it attaches to the Mexico land mass, the area known as Baja was discovered by the troops of Cortes. The first two ships to find the area disappeared under mysterious circumstances, many believe they fell victim to pirates, and Cortes send more ships to claim the area for Spain. Once it became a province of Spain, Cortes turned the area into a mass of gold, hidden in the sands with intricate traps set, some of which has never been found. Baja is now part of the Mexico land and is largely controlled by the real estate developers who have built the area into a resort for all.

Water Sports
Because it is so close to California, Baja is a perfect place for water sports, the bulk of which is surfing in many forms. Wind surfing is starting to take hold in the area and standard surfing is ever popular. One of the largest surfing competitions in the world makes a stop in Baja every year and draws thousands of people to the area. Swimming is by far the most popular of water sports in Baja. The entire coastline is nothing more than one long beach and this is the area where the fun loving come to swim in the surf.

Island Diversity
Most of the Baja area is inhabited by those originally from Spain and Mexico. There is a large base of American residents as well who have moved in to enjoy the tropical climate and white sandy beaches.

There are many activities provided to the guests of the resort hotels. Museums, guided tours and day boating excursions are all very popular.

Whales, Hiking, and Kayaking the Baja Islands

Whales, Hiking, and Kayaking the Baja Islands

For the ultimate Baja Islands experience, combine the two Baja’s premier experiences into one! Whale watching in Magdalena Bay and hiking and kayaking on Espiritu Santo, one of the most beautiful islands in the Sea of Cortez, have long been two of the most precious pearls of adventure travel. Combine the pleasure of optional kayaking, the magnificence of encounters with the California Gray Whales, the tranquility of Magdalena Bay and the splendor of the Baja desert island wilderness with an enriching personal growth experience.
Magdalena Bay offers some of Baja’s most inspiring landscapes. From the deserted Pacific coast with its energetic [...]