Mazatlan is now a resort city in the state of Sinaloa Mexico. In the early days this area was nothing more than a collection of Indian huts inhabited by the native Indians who would spend their days fishing and selling the fish to those who would visit in need of food in exchange for items that were not available in the area. The French would be the first to discover this area during the early 1800’s but would do little with the area. Mexico saw a useful purpose early on but had little in the way of resources to do anything about it.

Water Sports
The area of Mazatlan is alive with beaches and resorts, making it one of the hottest areas for tourists to fly in. Surfing is an ever popular around the area with several tournaments taking place throughout the year. Fishing has always been huge in this area. Charter boats are on a constant out to sea schedule carrying tourists the reef areas in search of trophy catches. The swimming is known to be some of the best in the world along on the many beaches that are lined with resort hotels.

Island Diversity
The Mexican war saw the United States take control of the city as a military garrison. After the end of the war the Germans would come in with the rumors of gold and silver being spread across the land. For decades the Germans would rip and tear through the land trying to find gold. The Germans are credited with forming the city and making it a thriving sea port. Mexico would take control and turn the city into a popular tourist destination. More then three hundred thousand people now call the city home. The native Indians of this area are now only the most minor presence in the city. The German and Mexican citizens make up the largest part of the society that is thriving across Mazatlan as well as the large United States based group. The Asian community has been making a move to be a majority in the city and are bringing with them some of the larger companies that seem to be forming jobs and making the economy stronger.

One of the most popular activities during the year is the Serie del Caribe annual baseball tournament which was won by the city team in the past year. The Ash Wednesday carnival draws millions of people to the area as well as the never ending flow of festivals that take place year round.

Mazatlan - A Fishermens Paradise

Mazatlan - A Fishermens Paradise

Mazatlan’s rich sport fishing heritage is one of Mexico’s oldest and dates back into the 1960s when famous movie stars came to fish at an undiscovered farming and commercial fishing town that billed itself as “The Pearl of the Pacific,” “The Billfish Capitol of the World,” and “The Sailfish Capitol of the World.” Today’s Mazatlan has grown into a world-class vacation resort complex where fishing is almost – but not quite - overshadowed. The fleets are still there, and the offshore and inshore fishing opportunities of the Mazatlan area still attract anglers year-round.
Mazatlan’s many sport fishing fleets are located in [...]