Huahine, also known as the “Garden of Eden”, is an island filled with tropical rain forests, breathtaking lagoons, high waterfalls, misty mountains, and beautiful ocean views. The natives here are always quick to help you find anything on the island, and share some of their culture and history with you. Huahine is one of the more famous of the Tahitian Islands and is a great place to spend any vacation. You can find a little bit of everything here on this tropical isle.

Water Sports
With the lagoons and warm ocean waters nearby, there are so many different water sports to enjoy here on Huahine that one just doesn’t know where to start first! Some of the water sports that you can enjoy here include: snorkeling, diving, swimming, glass bottom boat tours, skiing, jet skiing, sailing, boating, canoeing, and deep sea fishing. So, no matter what kind of water sports you enjoy or want to learn, you can find them here!

Island Diversity
Huahine has a culture that is seeped in the ancient Polynesian traditions and folklore. It is even said that during a contest, one of the Gods threw a spear and hit the island of Moorea, then Huahine, splitting it in two. So, you are sure to find a rich culture here with the vast array of maraes, petroglyphs, tikis, and other great items around the island from the ancient Polynesians. The cuisine here is also wonderfully traditional, although you can find international foods here as well. So, don’t hesitate to try something new while on your stay here.

Water sports and traditions aren’t the only things to do while staying on Huahine. Some of the other activities that you can enjoy while staying here include: shopping, visiting the vanilla plantations, safaris, bicycling, guided tours, archaeological sites and tours, helicopter tours, tours of the maraes around the island, and, of course, the traditional Polynesian dance and music shows. No matter where you are staying on Huahine, there is always something to do and see!

A Laid-Back Tropical Experience In Huahine

The Tropics is one of those few places where you can just sit back and enjoy doing absolutely nothing.  In Huahine, those who have become too accustomed to the rugged and fast-paced city life will find the simple pleasures in the islands a welcome treat.  Suffice it to say, Huahine is not for the activity freak; but it is a veritable paradise for those who want to experience quality downtime.
Huahine is a part of the South Pacific cluster which also includes Bora Bora, Moorea, and Papeete in close proximity.  It is actually a combination of twin islands, Huahine Nui (big) [...]

Huahine Te Tiare Beach Resort

Huahine Te Tiare Beach Resort

Huahine is made up of two islands, the Huahine Iti in the south and the Huahine Nui in the north. They are separated by a narrow hollow channel. This is a mountainous island; however, it does have soft shapes with its bays and white sand beaches. This is a wonderful island that is away from the maddening crowds and it is a place where you can slip into a different world. When you vacation here you will want to stay at the best hotel or resort and that is the Huahine Te Tiare Beach Resort. This luxury hotel is only [...]