One of the beautiful French Polynesian Islands located in the South Pacific, Moorea is a wonderfully diverse and scenic island to vacation at. On Moorea, you can find everything from white sand beaches to shopping to safari tours, so you are sure to find something here for everyone to enjoy. With it’s extremely mild climate, it feels like Summer all year long here. There are several resorts and restaurants to choose from that will make your stay here feel just like home!

Water Sports
Moorea has a vast array of fun in the sun and water for you to enjoy while on your vacation here. Some of the water sports that you can try out include: deep sea fishing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, surfing, water skiing, sailing, boating, and parasailing. Even just walking around on the coral reefs, enjoying the marine life swimming between your feet is an enjoyment here. With the laid back culture, Moorea has great water activities for you to enjoy!

Island Diversity
Moorea, a sister island to Tahiti, is one of the main thoroughfares in the French Polynesian Islands and offers a vast variety of foods, lodgings, traditions, and culture to everyone who comes to visit. Settled by ancient Polynesians, Moorea has its share of maraes (ancient sites), as well as Tikis and petroglyphs for visitors to enjoy. Just remember not to move a single stone from one of the sacred sites around Moorea, as Tahitians believe that they have been instilled with “mana” or magic and will curse anyone who moves them….

Some of the other activities that you can enjoy while on your vacation in Moorea include: 4X4 safaris, walking tours, circle island tours, shopping, dining, hiking, bicycling, and enjoying some of the ancient Polynesian sites around the island. Of course, there are many beautiful beaches around this island for you to simply sit and relax a while too.

Moorea - a Sleepy Isle Amidst the Pacific

The sleepy island of Moorea is typical of a South Pacific destination. It’s like the island itself slumbered until you came along. Once a cruise ship docks, however, you’ll get a taste of the island’s real lure & the opportunity to escape from the monotonous routine of the city.
Craggy peaks surmount the island’s horizon, giving the impression that it is relatively unspoiled, and it practically remains that way too, as even the power lines are placed beneath the ground to preserve its enchanting landscape. One thing which you surely won’t miss is the exquisite green lagoon [...]

Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa

Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa

Moorea, a triangle shaped island, is Polynesia’s second most tourist attraction. It is located only twelve miles west of Tahiti and it is surrounded by a lagoon of translucent green and the Polynesian sea. It covers an area of about 51 square miles. There are many reasons that Moorea is very popular with the tourists. First is the majestic interior mountains. Also, it is has spectacular expanses of both white and black sand beaches. The beaches here are among the finest in the world.
One of the best places to stay in Moorea is the beautiful Pearl Resort and Spa. Staying [...]