Cook Islands


The Cook islands started out under the control of the Crown but during the later years they were transferred to New Zealand in a trade agreement. This would last for many years until an agreement was reached to make the area a self governed subsidy of New Zealand which went into effect in the 1980’s. Since then the Cook Islands have grown from many stand points.

Water Sports
Surfing has been becoming one of the most popular of all water sports on the Cook Islands. Most of the surfing is contained to one beach because the local government wishes to make sure that there is more than enough room for the other people who wish to swim. Swimming is popular on most of the beaches but there are areas that are frequented by sharks which have been forbidden by the swimmers. Measures are in place to stop the movement of sharks into the areas, including a protective netting around the swimming areas.

Island Diversity
Polynesians are the main groups on the Cook Islands. Their culture is the most popular and the traditions of the group are maintained to this day. Religious ceremonies take place often and many of the small villages will display the crafts of their heritage to the tourists who come through. The British also maintain a large presence here and have taken a back seat to the native cultures. Up until their freedom the main income for the islands was offshore banking and fruit. These days the income is mainly from the tourism which is the largest industry on the islands themselves and dwarfs the income from the previous sources which are still thriving. Part of the allure of this area is the wonderful orchards that are thriving on the island. Fruit is still a major industry on the island and the orchards employ thousands of people.

The main activities are touring the villages and the day boat trips to other islands. The natives are masters with quilting which is one of the hottest selling items on the island. The quilts are purchased by the tourists then taken home and sold for thousands. High color Polynesian quilts are the most sought after in the world.

Rich History and Natural Beauty

Rich History and Natural Beauty

Cook Islands are a string of sparkling jewels set in the heart of the South Pacific. Lush tropical forests and inviting sandy beaches are surrounded by clear, turquoise waters that are any diver’s dream. While all of the Cook Islands are gorgeous and offer you many options for a stellar vacation, Rarotonga Island definitely
Rarotonga is the capital and center of the Cook Islands, and even though the island is only thirty two kilometers across, it is the heart of the country. The island is crowned by high mountains covered in lush, tropical rainforest, that slope down to sparkling white sand [...]