The “Rock of Polynesia”, Niue is a tropical paradise located in the southern Pacific Ocean. One of the few self-governing islands in the Pacific, Niue is one of the great places to spend your next tropical vacation. With beautiful rain forests and soft, sandy beaches, Niue has so much to offer everyone who comes to stay, from nature lovers to shoppers, everyone can find the perfect thing to do here.

Water Sports
Niue is a great place to find some wonderful waters to play in. With it’s summer temperatures year-round, the waters are always warm here. Niue also has several different coral reefs that you can dive and snorkel until your heart’s content. The Beveridge Reef, the Antiope Reef, the Haran Reef, and the Albert Meyer Reef all offer great swimming and diving experiences with the marine life that makes it’s home on these reefs. You can swim among these sea creatures as long as you like, just make sure not to touch any of them! You can also find other water sports to enjoy while here, including: kayaking, deep sea fishing, boat rentals, sailing, parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, and, of course, beach combing!

Island Diversity
Although the native culture here was alive and strong way before Captain James Cook found the island in 1774, some of the European ways have washed off here as well. But, don’t worry! The local culture is alive and rich with tradition and friendly people. You can take tours around the island to see some of the ancient sites and enjoy the local native culture and cuisine while on your stay here. Since Niue is a part of New Zealand, there are some bits of the New Zealand culture that have come ashore to mix in the pot too.

For those who just aren’t into the water, there are plenty of other great activities that you can enjoy while on your stay here. Shopping at local markets and upscale boutiques, dinner and dancing at some of the local restaurants or taking in a native dance show, lounging on the beach or pool-side at your resort, tours, safaris, car rentals, there is a multitude of things to do here on Niue.

Experience the Unspoiled Paradise of Niue Island

Experience the Unspoiled Paradise of Niue Island

Niue Island is often billed as Polynesia the way it used to be before the influx of tourism and commercial development. Unspoiled, Undiscovered, and Unbelievable is the official slogan of Niue’s Tourism Office, and it is completely true. Niue offers travelers many unique experiences that you will be able to find no where else in the Polynesian Islands. If you are looking for a spectacular vacation that is slightly off the beaten path, you could choose no better destination than Niue.
One thing that Niue offers like no other place on Earth, is fascinating, up close and personal wildlife experiences. Fully [...]