Pago Pago


Pago Pago is a wonderful resort city located in American Samoa and has been a hot spot for tourism for many decades. During the 1940’s the city was used as a port for the US Navy to dock and add coal to the ships and also for some repairs during the long and perilous journeys that they engaged. This ended with the Nuclear age and the city of Pago Pago turned to tourism for the income of the land and it has worked out well for them so far.

Pago Pago is home to the most tuna canneries in the world in one area. Visitors are greeted by Charlie The Tuna Fish as you enter port. The Canneries are the main source for employment on in the area, second only to the government that operates in the city. Fishing is a big industry but that is normally handled by the long shore men who man the boats for the trips to deep sea.

Water Sports
The water sports in this resort city are very close to the other full blown tropical islands. Surfing has long been popular and many of the natives are highly skilled at making the wooden boards. A successful company was started on this premise that eventually moved to the United States. Still, surfing in all forms is highly popular and is the main reason why thousands come to the city every year. Fishing is a huge entertainment business in the city. Charter boats take visitors out to the deep water and teach them how to fish for the big tunas that are caught on a regular basis. For an even bigger thrill one can take a ride with a native for some traditional hand fishing. This is an amazing trip that is not only educational but very entertaining.

Island Diversity
Most of the Pago Pago city is native Samoa Indians and a few Spanish plants from over the years. The Orientals have a large presence as their boats are a regular dock at the site to unload the catch from the big ships. The United States is a large presence in the mind of the Pago Pago city. Americans have flocked to this area for years and now there is a thriving US population in the city.

One of the most popular activities is a tour of the canning factories. When one is on the tour they can see how the fish is prepared for canning and enjoy a fine meal (with tuna fish of course) at the end. A nice film and slide show is shown during the meal and those who visit have the chance to purchase some discounted tuna from the shops in the factories.

The Sadie Thompson Inn in Pago Pago

The Sadie Thompson Inn in Pago Pago

Pago Pago is the soul and the heartbeat of American Samoa. You will love its amazing deep water harbor, which is actually a collapsed volcanic crater. Pago Pago is a small town that has less the 4000 residents. You will find several hotels and inns in downtown Pago Pago and compared to Western Samoa, they are fairly expensive. The most upscale of these hotels is the Sadie Thompson Inn. It was opened in November of 2002.
The Sadie Thompson Inn is located in the heart of downtown Pago Pago and has recently been completely refurbished to give its business travelers deluxe [...]