Samoa became one of the great tourist destinations recently with the publicity that it has gotten over the past decades. Samoa is only one of the islands in the Samoan chain, which includes American Samoa, Pago Pago, Tutuila, and many others. These islands were all split between the United States and Germany with a treaty that ended the fighting over these beautiful islands. The seven islands of American Samoa are on the eastern end of the 483km-long (300 mile) Samoa Archipelago. Together they comprise a land area of 200 sq. km (77 sq. miles), almost half of which belong to Tutuila, the slender remains of an ancient volcano. One side of Tutuila’s crater apparently blew away, almost cutting the island in two. Thus was created the long, bent arm of Pago Pago Harbor, one of the South Pacific’s most dramatically scenic spots.

Water Sports
Not only are there organized tours but also while relaxing in Samoa you can enjoy such adventures like snorkeling, kayaking and diving. But if that is not adventurous enough for you, then try the Papaseea sliding rock, a 15 foot ride down a waterfall into a jungle pool something you have only seen on television.

Island Diversity
It’s thought that the first settlers of the Samoan islands came there around 3,500 years ago, migrating from other Polynesian islands. There they lived in seclusion until around 1600 when missionaries came to the islands. The missionaries brought the islanders Christianity as well as helping them to invent their own alphabet. They lived without much more intrusion until late in the 1800’s, when Germany and the U.S. began competing for control of the Samoan islands. A treaty was signed and the islands were split between the two countries.

Travel to Samoa for great vacations and find wonderful romantic getaways and wonderful family vacation ideas for relaxing in Samoa. This isolation provides another benefit fewer than 2,000 visitors tour, hike, backpack and bird watch here each year. It’s like having a tropical paradise to yourself.

Sports, Culture, and Friendly People Of Navigators Islands

Sports, Culture, and Friendly People Of Navigators Islands

Known as the Navigators Islands before the twentieth century due to the Samoans’ incredible skill as seafarers, the Samoan Islands were recognized as the Independent State of Samoa by the United Nations in 1976. The history of Samoa, however, is much, much older than that. These islands were first settled three thousand years ago, and from Samoa, much of the vast Polynesian Triangle of islands were settled. Using only handmade outrigger canoes with small sails, the ancient Samoans traversed thousands of miles of open ocean to unerringly find the wide spread, tiny islands that make up the Polynesian group. Now [...]