The Kingdon of Tonga is located in the South Pacific and surrounded by several other island chains such as Fiji, Samoa, and Hawaii. The rich Polynesian culture is still alive and well here, and you can enjoy the friendliness of the natives and culture when you come to visit. With it’s warm tropical climate, any time of the year is a great time to visit Tonga and enjoy the island life.

Water Sports
Swimming is a great way to take in the warm waters and the beautiful beaches that surround the island. There are also great places to dive and snorkel and see some of the unique ocean life that makes Tonga it’s home. Fishing is also a great activity here in Tonga, and you can enjoy some great deep sea fishing with or without a guide. Sailing and motor boating is also becoming popular, so be sure to ask around about guided tours or rentals. Swimming with the dolphins is a great attraction for everyone to enjoy

Island Diversity
It is believed that the first natives to Tonga were from the Santa Cruz Islands and that these first people came from Southeastern Asia to Tonga over six thousand years ago. Mixed with the rich Polynesian culture that came along later, this unique blend of tradition and culture from Asian to Polynesian is truly something that everyone can enjoy. The natives are all friendly, in fact, Tonga is known as “the friendly isle”, so you are sure to enjoy your stay here!

Tonga is one of the best places for those who like to explore the native wonders of a tropical island! You can enjoy kart safaris, where you rent a go kart and go on a tour into the mountains and rain forests with your guide. Hiking and trekking through the mountains and forests are also some of the most popular activities to enjoy here. But there are also many great shops and markets where you can find just the right gift to take home. You can also enjoy: dining, dancing, whale watching, tours, and long walks on the beach on your stay in Tonga.

Tongan National Cultural Center

Tongan National Cultural Center

The Kingdom of Tonga encompasses one hundred and seventy six islands, and all of them are beautiful. No matter what your ideal island getaway is, you can find it in Tonga! Whale watching, diving, hiking, sailing, bird watching or people watching—the opportunities are endless, and you will wish your time here was endless, too.
The Tongan National Culture Centre is definitely a must-do experience on your island vacation. The people of Tonga take great pride in their culture, and when you experience it for yourself, you will see why. And unlike many places that ‘dress up’ their traditions and create special [...]