The Tuvalu island is known as a coral island. This is said to be the way that the island was formed, from coral as it grew and then died and massed on top of the dead. All of this was debated as the truth about coral is that it only grows at shallow depths but the coral islands are founded in the deeper water. Famed scientist Charles Darwin had the solution. The islands were formed on coral as it was growing over the top of ever increasing volcanic rock which built a large but very sturdy structure for the island. Much of the coral that is the foundation is still very much alive and supports sea life all around. The settlements on Tuvalu are dated back about two thousand years ago according to language experts who have studied the native tongue. Missionaries made detailed reports on their visits to the island in the early 1800’s which helped scientists to understand the role of the natives on the island. There was never a point where the population exceeded more than three thousand. This was a mystery but it was solved when the culture was discovered. The natives had specific times for reproduction and only women who would become pregnant during this time were giving birth. This added to the infant death rate which was very high made the population stagnate for many years.

Water Sports
The island of Tuvalu is not what you would now consider to be a big resort area. For the most part it is sought out by those that wish to lead the simple life while on vacation. For this reason there is not a lot in the way of water sports other than some swimming in the warm waters that surround the island. Fishing is highly important to the island but mostly from an economic standpoint. There are some charters that run throughout the day but nothing like other islands.

Island Diversity
The mass of the population is mainly Polynesians and some smattering of French. There were some English missionaries and traders that stayed once they reach the island so they have a minor presence as well. The bulk of the tourists that arrive are from the UK, France and US.

The activities on this island are fairly limited. Many of the original villages still stand which allows one to visit and see some of the native culture. The villagers will make crafts, perform ceremonies and tell stories to the delight of tourists from all over.

Vaiaku Lagi Hotel In Isolated Tuvalu

Vaiaku Lagi Hotel In Isolated Tuvalu

One of the world’s smallest isolated nations, Tuvalu actually consists of nine islands total. Because of expensive airfares, it only receives a handful of tourists each year. This makes these beautiful islands the idyllic vacation spot. Tuvalu is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. The islands that make up this small nation are Nanumea, Niutao, Nanumaga, Nui, Vaitupu, Nukufetau, Funafuti, Nukulaelae, and Niulakita.
When you get here you will stay at the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel. It is the country’s only hotel and it is located in the center of Funafuti about 50 meters from the airport. It is also located on [...]