Wallis island is named after the English captain Samuel Wallis who discovered the island as part of one of his sea expeditions. His visit was very brief but he was still named as the chief discoverer of the area. Much is known about the island and researchers have dated the area to 1400 BC through discoveries of pottery and tools. The Tonga controlled the area for a long period in the 1400 AD century by way of fear and power with their ruthless warriors who killed all who defied them. It was not until the 1800’s that the Europeans took an interest in the island and began to visit following the discovery. Wallis is a France controlled out land with its own governmental state included. This was held together by a treaty that was formed during WWII in which a group of US Marines held the island to keep it from the Japanese. The US had little interest in controlling the area past the war and control was transferred to the French. Much of the island is still native and remains steeped in history. The main mode of economic development is still agriculture and over 80% of the population farms to this end.

Water Sports
Surfing is popular with the tourists who visit this island and some of the earliest surfing can be found in the roots of this land. Hand made wooden boards are sold by the natives and snapped up by the tourists who seek the thrill ride in the waves around the island. Fishing is also very popular as the island is mainly a large coral reef that is a wonderful habitat for sea life. Natives will thrill the visitors by catching large sharks with the old methods of hand fishing with simple line and hook.

Island Diversity
There is little in the way of cultural diversity other than the natives and Europeans. Much of the land has remained the same over the centuries and the small size of the island is prohibitive of the population growth that many would consider prudent for the economy. For this reason there are not a lot of people who choose to settle here past the natives and plants from Europe.

The activities on the island are based around the culture of the many villages. Ceremonies are performed for the tourists and fresh fruits and vegetables are available from the vendors that line the streets of the villages. Some tours are available as well but they are limited. Cars do not do well over the rough terrain, mule drawn wagons are the main mode of transport in the area.

Wallis Island Retreat

Wallis Island Retreat

Wallis is a volcanic tropical island with fringing reefs located in the South Pacific Ocean between Fiji and Samoa. You will enjoy unspoilt territory when you decide to vacation in Wallis. If you are looking for the perfect getaway, then you have found it on Wallis Island. While on the island, you will want to stay at the Wallis Island Retreat. This is a unique pole home that has been established to people who are looking for a way to escape the rat race and enjoy a tranquil, stress free vacation.
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