Nauru was originally settled by the Polynesian people along with a small grouping of Micronesian people to go along with it. There were twelve tribes originally, that coincided with the twelve pointed star that flew over the island for many years. A British sea captain and whaler was the first European to discover the island in the late 1700’s and began to trade goods with the natives. The tribes were fond of the alcoholic beverages and weapons brought by the English and a war would break out that lasted ten years and reduced the population to less than a thousand people. The German occupation in the late 1800’s would end the war and make the island part of the German nation that was beginning to fall apart around itself. It was in the early 1900’s that phosphate was discovered and became the chief export and shortly after, Australian forces captured the island from the Germans. This would last until the out break of WWII when the Japanese captured the island and created an airport for their fighters. An Australian war ship approached the island and the Japanese surrendered as they knew they were no match for the armor.

Water Sports
The area is largely untouched by tourism therefore the water sports are limited for the most part. There are some areas where one can find to stay and maybe enjoy some entertainment in the form of swimming but this is also very limited.

Island Diversity
Thanks to some mismanagement, the island of Nauru has fallen into financial ruins. In an effort to thwart this problem the government opened the borders for anyone with a passport and the fee. This became the area where Russian Mobsters would launder money due to the fact that there are no taxes on personal holdings. Russians, British and Japanese are very prevalent on the island as well as the natives who were able to repopulate over the course of time.

Activities on the island are very limited and revolve mostly around the industry of touring the island by car to see the native tribes and culture.

The Menen Hotel Located At Nauru

The Menen Hotel Located At Nauru

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, south of the Marshall Islands, Nauru is the world’s smallest independent republic. When vacationing in Nauru you will want to stay at the Menen Hotel. Built in 1969, the Menen Hotel is the only hotel in the Republic of Nauru. This is where both locals and guests have met for business for many years. It recently was stylishly refurbished and extended and now offers facilities of international standard along with its wonderful island hospitality.
This luxurious hotel has 119 rooms that each have TV and video, refrigerator, and tea and coffee making facilities. The bars [...]