Palau is believed to have been populated by people from Australia and also Asia. This is found in the artifacts that have been recently discovered all over the island and the surrounding waters. The interesting thing about this culture is the fact that it has been matriarchal for centuries. Women are the most important part of the society which is in direct conflict with the other world views as they stand. This would last until the Europeans discovered the island by mistake in the middle 1500’s when a Spanish ship became lost and found the island chain. The islands would become the property of Spain and then be sold to Germany after the Spanish American War and the subsequent financial ruins of Spain. This would last until the Japanese over took the area during WWII and then the defeat of the Japanese left Palau in US hands and became a similar nation with free association with the US.

Water Sports
The aid from the US is the main source of income for Palau and tourism is a close second in the running. Many people have come to Palau to build the resort style housing that is so popular and the tourist trade has been booming, which coincides with the popularity of the water sports on the island. Wind surfing has taken off and is one of the most popular of all water sports on Palau along with standard surfing and boarding in the wake. This is all very good for the economy as they grow from within with the people who come in to rent the equipment that they need.

Island Diversity
The diversity of this island is limited to the Spanish, natives and US based people. The most common language is English, but the native tongue of the area is taught in schools and used by the locals for the most part. Germans have a minor presence though following WWII most of them were deported for their ties to the Nazi campaign. The government feared an uprising from the people stemming from the Holocaust and felt it best to rid the island of Germans. Some have returned now that the tone has softened a bit.

Tours are the biggest activity on the island. Guided bus tours take you through all of the historic districts and around the scenic landscape. You can also rent a car and go from village to village and buy the crafts that are made right in front of your eyes. Spelunking is popular on the island as well and there are many caves to be explored.

The Palau Pacific Resort

The Palau Pacific Resort

Palau is a beautiful island nation in the Pacific Ocean. It is located around 500 miles east of the Philippines and it is one of the world’s youngest and smallest nations. Here you will find the epitome of a tropical paradise. It is famous for its diving and is rated as one of the best diving destinations the world over. The reason behind this is because of Palau’s unspoiled reefs, caves, and walls of the most spectacular marine life. You will find some of the most beautiful natural wonders at Palau. They also have some of the most pristine white [...]