East Timor


As its name suggests, East Timor is located on the eastern side of Timor. It also includes the Oecussi enclave, which is located in West Timor. It is found in the Indonesian archipelago somewhere between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. East Timor’s official name is the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. The landscape of East Timor is a unique blend of tropical forests and rugged mountains, as well as beautiful ocean fronts and beaches. Recent political unrest in the region makes travel there a bit more challenging, but the region still has many things to offer and the rewards are well worth the challenges.

Water Sports
The primary water sports in East Timor are diving and deep sea fishing. The diving is incredible. The water temperatures are warm and pleasant and, in the dry season, the visibility is terrific. There is an underwater canyon between the mainland and Ata’uro that is a treat to explore. The live coral and vast array of marine life make diving here a new adventure every time. Diving lessons and tours are available throughout the region. The vast array of aquatic life makes deep sea fishing a favorite activity in East Timor as well. There are a variety of companies where you can charter boats to take you out. They will get you set up and strap you in, but catching the fish is up to you. Of course there are people on hand to help you reel in the really big ones!

Island Diversity
The first written mention of East Timor was in the year 1260. A Chinese traveler noticed the island and noticed that its large forests of sandalwood trees were beginning to attract traders. In the 16th century, the Dutch and the Portuguese settled on the island. They immediately began creating trading posts and logging camps all along the coast. These two groups split the island between them and began colonizing, although they concentrated mostly on coastal areas, due to the trading potential. As a result, the lifestyle, beliefs and values of many of the ethnic groups of East Timor remained unchanged even into the 20th Century.

There are a variety of activities one can entertain themselves with in East Timor. Take a gentle walk through the valley at Maubisse, climb the path to the top of Mount Ramelau and take in the sunrise, see the cave painting at Lautem or visit the incredible marine park at Jako. The list is endless. Take an overland tour to explore one of the many regions in depth. You can even take customized treks to areas you will only be able to reach on foot and with pack horses. Camp out under the stars and enjoy exploring some of the most beautiful and rugged landscape in the world. When you get back, be sure to check out the Asian cuisine at some of the fabulous restaurants in Dili, or dance the night away in one of their numerous nightclubs. For those adventurous enough to give it a go, East Timor can be a rewarding and thrilling vacation experience.

Enjoying The Natural East Timor

Enjoying The Natural East Timor

East Timor, or Timor-Leste as it is also known, is an emerging nation. Technically considered part of Southeast Asia, East Timor is located approximately 400 miles from Australia. The flavor of the Island is an eclectic mix of Asian and Portuguese. The geography is diverse, ranging from beautiful beaches, rice paddies and majestic mountains. Because of this, there is a wide variety of activities to choose from.
Backpacking and trekking are well suited for our countries’ characteristics. This is a good alternative for the adventurous to really appreciate both nature and tradition. For those who enjoy walking, hiking, and mountaineering, you [...]