New Caledonia


New Caledonia is a smaller island, about the size of Taiwan, located in the southern Pacific Ocean. A French territory, New Caledonia is made up of one large island and many smaller ones, making it a great place to explore and comb the beautiful beaches. Or, you can explore the mountains on the main island, hike through the rain forest, or play in the beautiful ocean waters. With it’s year-round Summer climate, New Caledonia is a great place to plan your next vacation, no matter what time of the year you choose!

Water Sports
While here on New Caledonia, you can find a wide variety of water sports to tickle your fancy no matter what your preference is. With it’s own barrier reef, the New Caledonia Barrier Reef, you can swim, dive, or snorkel with some of the native marine species that call these beautiful islands their home. Or, you can try some of the great deep sea fishing that is offered all around the islands of New Caledonia. But, there are many other water sports to enjoy as well, such as: swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, boat rentals, canoeing, kayaking, and parasailing.

Island Diversity
Over 20,000 years ago, the Austronesians moved onto the islands, bringing with them their rich culture and traditions. Then, about the 11th century, the Polynesians also began to makes these islands their home, mixing their already rich culture with the one that already existed there. These two different cultures continued to mix and grow together, until the late 18th century, when the Europeans arrived, bringing new mammals, plants, customs, and foods to the islanders. It wasn’t long before trade routes were set up throughout the world for some of the sandalwood that can be found on the islands. In the 19th century, missionaries arrived, and added their customs and traditions into the rich mix, creating a very unique culture and tradition that is still strong today. Mix in some of the Asian culture along with the still thriving native traditions and you have a very unique and wonderful culture that will delight and amaze anyone who comes for a visit.

While in New Caledonia, there are so many different things for you to do that don’t even involve water! You can shop the islands native markets and shops, finding all sorts of treasures to delight and please even the most picky gift giver. Or, you can take a tour or safari around the island to take in some of the wonderful flora, fauna, and animal life that is abundant here. Some other activities that you can enjoy on your stay here include: spa treatments, shopping, helicopter tours, bicycling tours, hiking, and, of course, dining and dancing! You are sure to find something to delight you on your stay here in New Caledonia!

Spectacular Deeps On Land

Spectacular Deeps On Land

New Caledonia, an island nation and former French colony, is a spectacular wonderland of sparkling blue waters and gorgeous, lush foliage. Rightly called “The Jewel of the South Seas,” the island is a genuine treasure you will fall in love with. A vacation to New Caledonia, also known as the Isle of Pines, delivers the natural beauty you’ve come to expect from island destinations—snorkeling in the stunning turquoise lagoons, sunning on the pristine beaches, and enjoying the warm, friendly welcome of the island’s year-round inhabitants. However, New Caledonia offers something that most other islands don’t—the famous and awe-inspiring Grotte de [...]