Bonaire is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, along with Curacao and Aruba. The official language is Dutch; Papiamento, English and Spanish are also spoken. There is a small uninhabited island nestled in the western crescent of Bonaire Island, called Klein Bonaire. As beautiful as it is tropical, Bonaire is a great place to visit, no matter if you are looking for deserted beaches or a hot night life, you’ll find it here.

Water Sports
The island is ringed by an easily accessible coral reef and marine sanctuary. Bonaire and Klein Bonaire are world renowned for their well conserved coastlines and coral reefs. Lac Bay on the main island’s east side is home to some of the world’s best freestyle windsurfing professionals. The isle of Bonaire is rated among the top in the world for shore diving and snorkeling.

Island Diversity
Bonaire is incredibly unique in that it features a myriad of cultures combined into one. It is not unusual to walk the streets if the island and hear Dutch, German, English and Papiamento all being spoken! Laughter, however, is the common language as it quickly becomes apparent that residents of Bonaire are friendly, hospitable and fun.

The Washington Slagbaai National Park is located on the north side of the island. An ecological preserve, this park is famous for its flamingo population and wild donkey sanctuary. The highest elevation of Brandaris is located within the national park, and offers a complete view of the island. Lac Bay on the main island’s east side is home to some of the world’s best freestyle windsurfing professionals.

Bonaire – A Diver’s Paradise

Love to snorkel or scuba dive in a pristine tropical island vacation spot?  Try beautiful Bonaire, a small Caribbean island that’s been recognized for protecting and preserving its marine environment.   In 1979, the government of Bonaire officially made its coast a marine park, securing its place as one of the worlds top diving and snorkeling spots for a Caribbean Vacation. Bonaire is known by many to be a true diver’s paradise. If you are a diver, you won’t want to miss this tropical destination. Located in the southern Caribbean, Bonaire is the best kept secret of true marine sport lovers [...]