Grenada is the second-smallest independent nation in the Western Hemisphere, located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, and includes the southern Grenadines. The smaller islands are Carriacou, Petit Martinique, Ronde Island, Caille Island, Diamond Island, Large Island, Saline Island and Frigate Island. The large island of Grenada includes the capital of St. George’s, and also the major towns of Grenville and Gouyave.

Water Sports
Grenada offers a variety of Water Sports for the enthusiast including snorkeling, diving, sailing, cruising or fishing. Swimming in the island’s pristine, reef protected waters is an incredible adventure and waters are warm and inviting. Avid sailors will enjoy the yacht tours available for trips around Grenada and its neighboring islands. The deep sea fishing here is also exceptional and game fishers may wish to plan their trip for the annual Spice Island Billfish Tournament in January. You just may return home with a wonderful cash prize!

Island Diversity
Island culture of Grenada is heavily influenced by African and Indian heritages. Music and Dance festivals are important components of its annual Carnival activities, of Soca, calypso, and reggae styles. The less visible French influences still remain in surnames, place names, and architecture from the 1700s. The cuisine on the island is infused with Indian influence, with Dhal and curry.

Demographically, the population consists of a mixture of mostly African, and fewer peoples of Indian and European descent. There are no surviving indigenous people. English is the official language, and nearly all are Christians, with a marginal Rastafarian community. There is also a small Gujrati Indian Muslim population, who own small merchant shops.

Visitors to Grenada may wish to plan their trip around Spice Mas, Grenada’s unique Carnival. This event features a fusion of French and African traditions that lasts for two weeks in July into August. The parade of bands featuring awesome calypso and steelpan melodies is not to be missed.

Throughout the year, however, Grenada offers an additional wealth of fun and frolic. Grenada is a leader in the growth of ecotourism. The country is committed to preserving its natural beauty and one may wish to visit one of Grenada’s many natural sanctuaries and wildlife preserves.

Have a Taste Of the

Have a Taste Of the “Spice Of Life” In Grenada

Who would have known that one of the tiniest independent nations in the Western Hemisphere would be as engaging as any other holiday destination twice or maybe even thrice its size? The notion quite escaped everyone else. But what we do know for sure is that the little island of Grenada (pronounced Gre-ney-da) is also widely known as “The Spice Isle of the Caribbean”.
This is mainly because of the plethora of locally grown spices (like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace, wild coffee, etc.) available all-throughout the area and also because of the rich and diverse music culture prevalent in the [...]