Margarita Island


Margarita Island is the largest of three islands in the Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela, in the Caribbean off the northeast shore of the country. The capital of La Asuncion is located in an abundant river valley. The island, close to the mainland coast, boasts a sunny, dry climate and all kinds of water sports of prevalent.

The biggest city on Isla Margarita is Porlamar, known for its commerce of shops and great restaurants. It has two public beaches and will soon have a cruise ship harbor. In the second biggest city, Pampatar is home to large shopping malls, small, popular restaurants, and plenty of city beach. The island’s capital, La Asuncion, is more of a natural environment, with its two parks with beautiful vegetation. Juan Griego is a city of about 45 thousand, and contains some brilliant restaurants, small shopping malls and pretty beaches.

Water Sports
Sailing, kayaking, beach walking, windsurfing, and scuba diving all are common activities here. The coral reef lagoons are excellent and of astonishing beauty. The island’s numerous beaches range in differing attractions and population levels, some are solitary, some are crowded, some are for youngsters.

Island Diversity
Isla Margarita boasts a brilliant blend of Latino cultural diversity. One can walk the streets of the island and enjoy a cornucopia of Latin flavors, sights and sounds. The beauty of the island is only rivaled by the locals’ hospitality which is synonymous with Latino pride and generosity.

Margarita Island is a Duty Free Island. Venezuelans and travelers alike come for spending sprees. Goods such as liquor, chocolate, cheeses, and appliances can be purchased for lower prices than on the mainland. Foreign exchange rates make this island especially attractive.

Margarita Island - The perfect vacation destination!

Margarita Island - The perfect vacation destination!

Isla Margarita (Margarita Island) Venezuela is a mountainous tropical Caribbean island paradise located off the north shore of Venezuela. Margarita is blessed with an average of over 320 days a year of sun, beautiful tropical beaches lined with palm trees like Playa el Agua or Playa Parguito and a temperature that is never too hot or too cold.
Margarita Island is a very popular beach resort. It has many hotels and duty-free shopping centers. The capital of the island La Asuncion is a sleepy colonial town complete with narrow cobblestone streets a 17th-century cathedral and a Spanish fortress (El Castillo de [...]