Margarita Island is a Duty Free Island. Venezuelans and travelers alike come for spending sprees. Goods such as liquor, chocolate, cheeses, and appliances can be purchased for lower prices than on the mainland. Foreign exchange rates make this island especially attractive.

Water Sports
Old volcano’s and ruins not your cup of tea? Then head for the beach on the undeveloped southern tip of the island. Les Salines is widely regarded as Martinique’s finest. Les Salines gets its name for Etang des Salines, the large salt pond that backs it and although it attracts its share of visitors on weekends and holidays its big enough to accommodate everyone.Water sports options in Martinique’s clear, turquoise waters provide a wide range of choices for the sports-minded traveler. For swimming and snorkeling, it’s always best to check locally for the best places to go as you explore various areas of the island. Technicolor fish and coral abound in the waters near Pointe-du-Bout and Anse Mitan. Water skiing and jet skis are available through many of the beachfront hotels in Pointe-du-Bout as well as in Carbet and Ste. Anne.

Island Diversity
As a part of France, Martinique is a part of the European Union. Colonized by France in 1635, the Carib Explusion occurred in 1660 when the island’s indigenous peoples were deported but banned from returning by the French occupying forces. The Island has subsequently remained a French possession except for three brief periods of foreign occupation. The islanders can be seen wearing the latest fashions from Paris and munching on croissants but delve deeper into the cities and you will no doubt hear Zouk music emanating from the clubs, radios and cd players.

There is no shortage of historical places to visit and every history buff should make The Musee de la Pagerie, a former sugar estate a must see on their list! It was the birthplace of the Empress Josephine and also offers an intimate look into the love story of Napoleon and Josephine, sure to transfix even the most jaded romantic.

Next its off to Saint-Pierre, a mandatory stop. Once the “Little Paris of the West Indies” and the capital of Martinique; It was destroyed by a volcano nearly a century ago. Rebuilt today it still offers a introspective look into a tragic past.

Golf is available on a scenic 18-hole Robert Trent Jones Sr. course set on the bay in Trois Islets. Tennis can be played at many hotels as well as private clubs that often welcome guests as temporary members. Squash is becoming increasingly popular and is available at several locations. Biking, either independently or in cooperation with local cycling clubs or companies can be arranged, sometimes with a guide and meal included in the fee.

Martinique Makes an Impression on Vacationers

Martinique Makes an Impression on Vacationers

Many people love France, and many people love the Caribbean. What if a place existed where you combine those two forces and get one beautiful place? Luckily for tourists, a place like that does exist. It’s called Martinique. Located right in the middle of the Caribbean, Martinique is a gorgeous island where the French influence still hasn’t faded. Though tourists can take in the beauty normally associated with the Caribbean islands, they can also enjoy the robust culture that is normally reserved for the beaches of France. It’s a unique combination that has made Martinique a popular destination for princes [...]

Going Bananas In Martinique

Going Bananas In Martinique

Giving you a taste of France in the Caribbean, the island of Martinique is a wealth of culture. By mixing Caribbean cuisine with French influence and doing the same with the culture and language, the island of Martinique is a truly exotic destination for a tropical vacation. While the island certainly offers its fair share of Caribbean beaches, swimming, fishing, and boating, there is more to see than just that. For a truly unique experience that will give the perfect break from your sun worshiping and beach bumming. Make a visit to the Banana Museum.
Located on the Habitation Limbe in [...]