The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is located in the southern Caribbean Sea, south of Grenada. Tobago is the smaller of the two and lies south of Trinidad. This gorgeous tropical island is special to tourists of varied interests, including hikers, nature seekers and scuba divers. Its beaches, covered with lovely sand, are a great place to tan. The most notable are the beaches at Castara, Bloody Bay and Englishman’s Bay. Coupled with it’s sister island, Trinidad, Tobago is a great spot for anyone looking for adventure or just to relax on the sandy shores.

Water Sports
Tobago is the most southerly of the Caribbean islands with rich coral reefs, and is considered unique for its three shipwrecks located variously around its shores. The best wreck is the ‘Maverick Ferry’ that is 350 feet long, sunk in 100 feet. The Maverick was purposely sunk for divers. All the doors and windows have been removed for safety and accessibility. A notable inhabitant of this shipwreck is a four-foot long jewfish, a member of the grouper family. The wrecks and all the waters around the island are abundant in marine life, including tropical fish, rays, sharks, and turtles.

Island Diversity
Tobago is a colorful, lively island infused with a party culture. Calypso, Chutney music, Soca, and Reggae are popular styles of music and dance. At Christmas time, a Latino style of music known as ‘parang’ is popular. Visitors can find a unique party any time of year on the island of Tobago! There doesn’t seem to be an end to the party atmosphere, as there is always life to celebrate.

This beautiful tropical island is an ideal visiting place for nature lovers, as the Tobago Forest Reserve has been a protected forest area since April 17, 1776. The rich biodiversity of Tobago includes a wide array of rain forest flora and fauna. It is among the most friendly and approachable rain forests in the world.

Tours are available from government appointed guides, who are very knowledgeable and can call down birds, rare and exotic, from the tree canopy by imitating their songs. The Red-billed Tropicbird, the Magnificent Frigate bird and Audubon’s Shearwater are among the rare seabirds that nest here. Tobago and its neighboring Little Tobago and St. Giles Island are ecologically important for their seabird nesting colonies.

Hiking In Tobago

Hiking In Tobago

In the warm Caribbean Sea, just North-East of Trinidad you will find the largely undiscovered paradise island of Tobago. With an environment of sandy, white beaches, coral reefs, quaint fishing villages, waterfalls and lush rainforests, Tobago is the dream vacation destination for the avid adventurer.
Tobago is rumored to have been the model island for Robinson Crusoe and it is not hard to understand why. One of the oldest forest reserves in the western hemisphere is found here. The hiking trails through this reserve meander through the hills and valleys, up cliffs and through waterfalls and enable you to be up-close [...]