Columbus stated in one of his journals that he had spotted an island in the area of Saba but saw no signs of life and did not make berth thus the Crown did not get ownership of the area for any kind of trade. A stray Frenchman found the island by accident some years later and laid claim for France who took possession and found it to be virtually lifeless and devoid of a human presence all together. The French sent people from the nearby islands to populate the area in hopes of making a great port, but the plan failed. The Netherlands would take possession after a while and used the land as a port and staging ground for journeys in search of wealth. The Netherlands have maintained control since this time and there has been many changes. The land is still untouched for the most part, but some industry and road ways have been built. Then the airport, with the worlds shortest runways was built to service the island and the surrounding areas. This brought great economic change to the area.

Water Sports
There is a thriving tourism business on Saba and wind surfing is one of the trades. The islanders are known to be highly skillful in the sport and many people will travel great distances to watch and take part. Fishing is the second and most common of all water sports in Saba. Commercial fishing helps to support the local economy and the charter boats help to support the tourist trade. There is also some massive coral formations that bring the scuba divers in from all over the world.

Island Diversity
The area that is Saba is not really all that diverse. There is no native people on the island and the majority of the people have come from the neighboring islands to populate the area. Britain maintains a large presence on the island as well as the Dutch and French.

Many of the activities are meant to be historical in nature. The island is toured many times throughout the day and the boats will also take you to the surrounding islands for a day trip.

Saba: Where History, Nature And Paradise Meet

Saba: Where History, Nature And Paradise Meet

The breathtaking island of Saba is a heaven for nature and history lovers. The unique culture of the island is a result of years being under Spanish, Dutch, English and French rule, and is currently an offshore part of the Netherlands. Located off the coast of St. Maarten, Saba has much to offer the discerning traveler who wants to pack as much fun and adventure into their trip.
The diverse terrain of the island, which is actually an extinct volcano, offers a range of adventurous activities. The Spring Bay Trail is perfect for hiking, and the reward you get is [...]