Peter Island


Peter Island is thought to have been discovered by Columbus himself during one of his many voyages. He named the islands after a god and then continued on, finding nothing of interest to him or the Crown among the barren lands. This would continue until the Spanish found the islands to be perfect stopping points for their voyages between the homeland and the New World. This would last until several pirates took up residence and began to attack the ships that carried the gold.

Water SportsThere is a resort on the island and the entire area is in private hands. The resort caters to the tourists with diving and wind surfing for the most part. There is room for only twenty guests at the resort, making it very small and not tourist friendly to say the least.

Island Diversity
The lack of natives and the small amount of visitors to the island each year makes it limited in the diversity area. The largest portion of visitors are British with some Americans thrown in as well. There is much legend that surrounds the island. The area known as Dead Chest Island is reported to be where the legendary pirate Blackbeard marooned fifteen mutinous men with only a sword and a cask of rum, which is the origin of the song Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum according to historians. The island is still largely unpopulated and is never believed to have had a native society of any kind.

Most of the activity is centered around day trips to the other islands and sight seeing tours around the island itself. There is a small nature preserve that has been setup for animals and plant life that can be toured as well.

Peter Island Resort - The Place To Stay

Peter Island Resort - The Place To Stay

1800 acres of tropical paradise located South of Tortola and Northeast of Norman Island. Peter Island is home of Peter Island Resort which features two swimming pools, five beaches, health spa, hiking trails, tennis courts, two restaurants, a wine room and a boutique. The resort of Peter Island boasts that guests will enjoy a stay that is both luxurious and relaxing in anyone of the room choices such as the ocean view room, suite, or private villa.
The Ocean View Rooms allow for the beauty of a relaxing sunset to be captured on the private balcony which is furnished with comfortable [...]