Necker Island


Necker Island has a bit of a sorted history. Little is known about the island up until the 1960’s when two people were purposefully marooned on the island as a survival test. They were without food and water and only last fourteen days before being picked up and ending the ordeal. The pair managed to destroy the last remaining palm trees on the island as firewood before leaving. This was the last time that the island was given much attention until many years later.

Water Sports
Wind surfing and standard surfing are included in the price of the stay at the resort that Branson has built. He is selective and the resort holds but a mere twenty-six people over all. The staff are all trained to teach the water sports and will readily give lessons on just about anything one could want. There is plenty of fun to be had when it comes to swimming as well. There are several beaches that are used only by the resort and can make for a very enjoyable day in the surf.

Island Diversity
There is no native culture for this land and the bulk of the visitors are British and American tourists on vacation. The island has a definite British flair thanks to the current owner. In the early 1970’s the British Government was trying to unload some property to make less hassle when it came to ruling lands. Many of the islands in the British Virgin Islands chain were put up for sale. This attracted the attention of Sir Richard Branson who was in New York at the time. He was told he could purchase one of the islands and went to look them over. He told the company upon inspection that he would like Necker Island but his offer was too low. Some time later he was contacted and told that if he increased the offer he could own Necker, and he did just that. Necker Island is the personal playground for this billionaire now.

There are many activities to take part in as a guest of the resort. Spa treatments are a favorite of the people as well as some world class dining. There are some guided tours and boat trips to the surrounding islands are quite frequent.

An Exclusive Getaway On Necker Island

An Exclusive Getaway On Necker Island

Located just North of Virgin Gorda. Necker Island is seventy-four acres of tropical splendor and even though it is barely a dot on the map, it features one of the most exclusive Caribbean retreats. Necker Island is owned by Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic Airlines’ Sir Richard Branson. Construction of this exclusive getaway began in 1982, after the billionaire entrepreneur purchased the island for about $300,000. The resort is Balinese-styled and took over three years to build. There are no exact figures as to the final cost for completion, but it is speculated that the figure is somewhere in the [...]