Moskito Island


Moskito Island is named for the Moskito Indians that once took up residence here during the 1500’s though they were moved out once the island came under British rule some one hundred years later. Moskito Island once held the impressive Drake Resort which made it a playground for those interested in diving and boating and catered to the rich. Sadly the island has fallen to limbo. The resort closed under strange circumstances and has never reopened. There have not been any visitors to the island for many years and the ownership of the area is unclear.

Water Sports
At one point the main source of entertainment was scuba diving and boating but since the resort has closed there are no residents on the island and no place to stay so there are no water sports at this time.

Island Diversity
The largest portion of visitors were British and American tourists of the high class. There is no native people left on the island.

There are no known activities since the closing of the only resort.

Moskito Island: Better Known As The Pirate Island

Moskito Island: Better Known As The Pirate Island

Named after the Moskito Indians who once resided on the island prior to the 1500’s. The island is not associated with mosquitoes, as the name suggests. The island is located North Sound off Anguilla Point, Virgin Gorda. The current owner of the island is Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of the Virgin Companies. Drake’s Anchorage is the main attraction for sailors and scuba divers alike. The resort is situated on 124 acres of tropical seclusion. There are several challenging hiking trails and spectacular white sand beaches, mainly, Hay Point Beach, and Trail of Palms. Trail of Palms leads from Drake’s Anchorage [...]