Marina Cay


Marina Cay is a small island in the British Virgin Islands and was the subject of author Robb Whites novel Two on the Isle. He and his wife bought the island to build their dream home. The home was completed but the start of WWII and the government of Britain made the dream fail and the Whites left the island never to return despite the enormous amount of money they had already spent.

The island now belongs to a company known as Pussers. The entire island is nothing more than a stop over, without rooms or anything, Pussers built a charming little eatery on the island and several boat and kayak rental shops. The closest rooms are the are two islands over.

Water Sports
The island is surrounded by water and several of the best boat rental shops are located here. The most popular of all water sports is the kayaking around the island to explore the landscape. One can also take part in some wonderful diving if you manage to rent some equipment before the rest of the crowd gets to it. The waters around the island are crystal clear and rumored to contain gold and gems from lost ships and pirates.

Island Diversity
There is no native culture on the island and only the owners are the full time residents.

Eating is the main activity on the island as everything revolves around the small restaurant.

Enjoy A Little Of Everything In Marina Cay

Enjoy A Little Of Everything In Marina Cay

Located Northeast of Sprat Point, Beef Island, immediately South of Scrub and East of Great Camanoe. Marina cay is an eight acre island fringed with white sugar sand, and is surrounded by an aquamarine tepid lagoon. The coral reef of the lagoon is home to many colorful species of fish and various native marine life.
This is a perfect location for snorkelers and divers. Marina Island is home to the renowned Pusser’s Restaurant, which specializes in seafood and Caribbean cuisine. This history of habitation on the island began during the times of The Great Depression. Robb and Rodie White first came [...]