Little Thatch


Little Thatch island is another tiny area of the British Virgin Islands. Long ago Britain started to sell off portions of the kingdom that were to far off to rule. This was the fate of the British Virgin Islands as well as Little Thatch.

The small private island of Little Thatch is now in private hands and is available for rental. The entire island can be rented on a week basis. Over time many people have learned about this little gem in the Caribbean and taken advantage of this spectacular island enjoying a nice week long vacation. This remote paradise offers relaxation without the hassles that are associated with other areas. The place is never busy as it only holds ten people at a time maximum.

Water Sports
The package deals that you get when you rent Little Thatch island include all the water sports you could want. Snorkeling is popular as well as some fishing, boating and sailing.

Island Diversity
There is no culture on the Little Thatch island as it has never been inhabited before by any natives or otherwise.

Nearly any activity that you can think of is included in the price of the rental. This includes a twenty four foot boat complete with captain, Spa treatment, local bands and a sunset cruise.

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Living Large In Little Thatch

Living Large In Little Thatch

Located right off Tortola in the Caribbean, Little Thatch Island is the perfect choice for a vacation if you’re looking a quiet getaway in paradise. The 54 acre island is privately owned, and you can be assured of total privacy and isolation. There are no more than 10 guests at a time, and you have the option of renting out the entire island to yourself.
Besides relaxing under the sun in its white sand beaches and turquoise waters, there are many other things you can do to enjoy your holiday in Little Thatch Island. Treat yourself to any of the therapeutic [...]