Guana Island


Guana Island was once under the control of the British in the early part of the 1700’s and then the Spanish moved in and took control themselves. They left shortly after when they discovered that the only life on the island was the animals. The Spanish were most interested in finding slaves for their many ships and not having any inhabitants made Guana Island a poor choice for them. The ownership of the island was bounced back and forth over the years and fell into private hands many times. This would continue until the current owners, Henry and Gloria Jarecki took the helm. They built a beautiful resort hotel on the island and began to receive guests. They also put into action a plan to restore the island to its once wonderful glory and put into effect a natural preserve that protects the flora and fauna of the entire island.

Water Sports
As part of the stay, guests of the islands only resort can take part in scuba diving to the many coral reefs that surround the island. This is a big attraction for many people as the water is crystal clear and warm. The wildlife that resides on the reef formations is impressive to say the least and makes for some great scenes and photo opportunities. Swimming is another big deal when it comes to water sports on the island. There are seven beaches that guests can choose from all of which are massive with white sands and gentle surf.

Island Diversity
There is little in the way of culture on the Guana Island as it has no natives or villages of any kind. The only residents are the owners and the guests for the resort.

The owners of Guana Island can keep everyone busy. There are activities at the resort and the favorite is the tour of the nature preserve set up by the owners with exotic animals and plant life.

Guana Island Where You Can Rent A Private Paradise

Guana Island Where You Can Rent A Private Paradise

Guana Island is an 850 acre island in the British Virgin Islands. It is one of the largest of the British Virgin islands and is home to an upscale, high class resort. This resort is one of the most private getaways in the Caribbean. This haven of privacy is in a natural setting and you can savor delicious gourmet food and wine and the service is excellent. Guana Island is one of the most romantic of all the British Virgin Islands. It is a nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary where both flora and fauna are protected. Some of the favorite [...]