Cooper Island


Cooper Island is part of the British Virgin Islands chain. The entire landscape is virtually uninhabited as there are no roads or cars at all. The entire area remained deserted until a few developers came in and managed to build a small resort consisting of eleven cabins that would serve the tourist trade only. There are no full time residents on the island and the only dining area is open seven days a week for limited hours only.

Water Sports
Water sports are extremely limited to the diving around the coral reef and the swimming that you can do from the property that you rent. There is little in the way of safety as you are virtually alone barring the other people who are staying in the cabins. One sail boat rental establishment is open limited hours during the week for those that wish to do a little sailing.

Island Diversity
There is little in the way of culture to be found on Cooper Island. There are no native tribes and the only true residents are the British that run the small resort.

Activities are severely limited to what you can figure out on your own. The main method of activity is a hike around the island itself to explore the many beautiful areas that can be found. Most of the island is protected by the environmentalists so be careful to not pick any kind of flower or disturb the wildlife in any way.

Be A Pampered Castaway On Cooper Island

Be A Pampered Castaway On Cooper Island

Cooper Island is mostly uninhabited and looks like an island straight out of a Hollywood movie and is located five miles south of Tortola. It is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and dive sites. The beautiful trees and plants set the mood for a relaxing tropical getaway. There are not any roads, cars, nightclubs, casinos, shopping malls, or fast food restaurants on Cooper Island so it won’t do you any good to go looking for one. This is the perfect place to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, catch up on your reading or writing and relaxing.
The Cooper Island Beach Club is located [...]