Beef Island


Beef island is part of the British Virgin Islands chain. The issue with Beef island is the fact that there is little in the way of population. The main part of the island is a large airport that supports the surrounding islands. The rest of the island is a large brush covered mountain that features largely unused hiking trails. The Beef Island Airport is the main port in and out of the nearby Tortola. Environmentalists have thwarted efforts over the years to build on Beef Island past the airport. They are hoping to preserve the natural habitat of several endangered animals that call this area home.

Water Sports
There are no known water sport activities on the island as it is largely uninhabited.

Island Diversity
The main population of the island is the workers on the airport strip which are British for the most part.

There are no known activities other than some hiking on the mountain side for the Beef Island Area.

The Restaurants And Hotels On Beef Island

The Restaurants And Hotels On Beef Island

The Beef Islands are located on the eastern tip of Tortola and joined by the Queen Elizabeth bridge. This beautiful island is home to the Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport, which is the main airport for the British Virgin Islands. Since there are no direct flights into this airport, vacationers fly into one of the major Caribbean hubs like Puerto Rico or St. Thomas and board a connecting flight to this airport.
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